The Road to a Novel

Writing has been one of my favorite things to do since I was a child. It helped me to express my feelings and satisfy my need to create stories and process ideas. When I was twelve years old, I wrote long science fiction stories and dreamt of seeing them made into movies. It is one thing to express yourself by writing and losing bad energy, it is another to see that others appreciate what you have written and might even learn from it. But publication is not necessarily a goal. Completing a novel by itself would be great and inspiring. Hence, it ended up on my list.

The challenge for me is to write something that consists of significantly more pages than I normally write. Fortunately, I have many ideas. Whereas I fully support the idea that writers should be concerned with creating stories, instead of trying to invent just another piece of ‘real life entertainment’, I have a strong feeling that every first manuscript should borrow heavily from one’s own experiences. For some reason it feels to me like a first novel should be about settling with one’s past. It is most likely that I will combine these two principles.

As said above, writing for me is a way of expressing myself. Walking the road to a novel is just another way to express myself, but working toward a practical goal. It will help me to be more disciplined about moulding a little universe and to stay attached to it, instead of writing down a bunch of sequences and jump off the train as soon as I feel like it. For some reason, I know it will be great fun to meet all these characters and situations I am going to make up. Really exciting!

When writing, I will play this NWA song to remind me of what I am doing it for:

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