Time to get started with Python

With graduation in sight, I am finally mentally ready to get started with the Python course offered by Learn Code The Hard Way. People told me to get started with Python because it is relatively easy to learn and use. From time to time, I will report on my progress on this blog. As I mentioned in my Goals and Ambitions for 2014 blog, it is my ultimate goal (on the middle long term) to build a interactive and multi-language dictionary. This should help people learning multiple languages at a time, or at least help them try it.

As I try Tim Ferris’ methods to learn natural languages, as explained in Learning Languages, I work a lot with online dictionaries. Most of these offer various languages, but you cannot use three or more languages at a time. I think it would be great to develop a dictionary that does exactly this: offer people the possibility to run translations of words of several languages at a time. But before that, I will first have to learn more about programming. So this is something I will have to work on.

The practical goal of a dictionary and the extrinsic motivation that comes with it, should reinforce the instrinsic motivation I have had since I was younger to learn how to program. I have always dreamt of making a game, but now with my eagerness to learn natural languages, building such a dictionary would kill two birds with one stone. It is my intention to learn other languages after I have a good understanding of Python. Every once in a while, I will post updates about my programming progress. If you have thoughts or ideas about my plans or the dictionary, feel free to share them.

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