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Welcome to Bascinations.com, my English blog with posts about all the things and phenomena that fascinate me. Moreover, my little corner on the Internet will serve as a place where you can read about a broad range of subjects from my perspective. As a blue collar guy in a white collar professional environment, I tend to see things differently than most others. As a blue collar guy, I also know what it means to work hard to achieve something in a ‘Diplomacracy’.

My urge to learn, grow, and gain knowledge is the driving force behind this website. It has brought me where I am today. In the first blog posts I made, I introduce my aims for 2014. I intend to achieve a couple of goals. The main drive behind these objectives, is the prospect of graduation. Learning and education fuels me. It keeps me going. Hence, a schedule of rut and routine without the possibility of personal growth, is out of the question. So with the grand opening of this blog, comes the introduction of some of my goals and occupations. Check the blogs:

If you want to know how kickboxing helps me to stay focused and disciplined, you should read:

Of course, this blog is not only about my goals and ambitions, but also about my thoughts and ideas. When I am not posting about the former, among other topics I plan to write about Parenting (I have a girl of almost three and a lot to say and share about parenting and children), Sociological and Philosophical themes (The MS and MA degrees I am pursuing are in these fields), Technology, Sustainability, Media and Entertainment. It is also likely that I will spend some time on Business and Trade.

If there are any subjects you think people should blog more about, post them in the comments section. It would be great to have a discussion every now and then with people who are interested and take the time to read my posts. Engage! Disagree with me, I’d love that. See you around.

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